MOMS Club of Savannah, GA


Our monthly calendar of events includes activities throughout the month, providing fun and educational activities for our children, a forum for topics of interest to women, and a great chance to make lasting friendships!  The entire membership meets once a month to share ideas, discuss business and review the activities planned for the following month.  Attendance is not mandatory, so you can be involved as often as you like or as it fits your schedule.  You are free to participate as much or as little as you are able, but remember, you will only get as much out of the club as you put into it. 

MOMS Chapter Meeting

Members are invited to our monthly meeting.  This is when the chapter discusses and votes on chapter business.  Chapter "business" varies each month but takes up a very small portion of our morning meeting.

Field Trips

Once a month everyone is invited to participate in a fun outing.  Past activities include trips to local farms, children's museums, train rides, and many more.  Field trips are a fun way to get to know fellow moms as well as have a wonderful experience with your child.

Park Days

All club events at local parks and fast food restaurants are scheduled throughout the month.  All club means all ages so everyone is always welcome!

MOMS Night Out

One night each month we get together for a moms only event.  These evenings provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a little "moms only" companionship and conversation. 

Holiday Parties

We enjoy many parties throughout the year.  Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays, Valentine's Day, Spring, and Mother's Day are just a few.

Community Service Projects

Each MOMS Club Chapter does their part to help support local charities within their community by participating in at least one Community Service Project a year benefiting children and/or mothers.


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